Aquarium Cabinetry

26 French Drive, Mono, L9W 5W1 ON
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basic tank stands

Cube Stand

We provide a wide variety of cabinetry options, in standard or custom sizes, materials and finishes.

Our stands are made with wood, MDF or metal frames. We pay close attention to the metal thickness to adequately support the weight of your aquarium system.


designed for your tank

Aquarium Cabinet

We offer colour matching as an option on our cabinetry. Our custom tank stands define quality!

Our metal stands have a sprayed on matte finish, superior welds and other quality features which make us a leader in the industry. Our metal stands are available in custom sizes and shapes.


standard & custom

Aquarium Hood

We can make standard or custom sized hoods with Power Compact, T5 or Metal Halide of lighting!

Retrofit metal halide systems are available for those who purchase a canopy. In addition, we offer metal halide full hood systems with ballasts rated for 175 watt, 250 watt and 400 watt lamps as well as T5's.